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Do you have a special homework space? Do you sit at a desk to do your math problems, or do you balance your book on your knee as you prop yourself up in bed? It’s great to have a study space, and some houses have enough space that a special room can be set aside for homework. But many students live in apartments or small houses that make it tough to carve a special place just for homework. For those student who have to lie on the floor or on a bed to read and write papers, homework can be a real challenge.


There are a few things you can do to make your workspace more productive—wherever it might be.


Turn your kitchen table into a desk: Consider buying an adjustable keyboard shelf like those you find attached to computer desks. Some of these shelves can be attached to the underside of any table. They can slide out, be adjusted to any height, and swivel from side to side.


Consider some noise-blocking actions: If you are trying to do homework in an apartment, you face many potential distractions. If you’re forced to do your homework while your kid brother is watching TV, try wearing some noise-blocking headphones.


Have you ever listened to classical music? It’s great music to play as you work! Try loading some soothing classical music to your mp3 and turning the volume very low. It’s inspiring!


Snag a beanbag: Beanbags are so multi-functional! They can serve as a chair, a recliner, or a table. If you get tired of reading in one position, just roll over and punch your beanbag into position. It’s also good for relieving stress!


Use pillows if you read on the floor: Your mother is right: you shouldn’t slump or slouch when you walk, and you shouldn’t do it while you read, either. If you read on the floor, don’t place your book on the floor and bend down to read it. This will cause strain on your back and neck muscles. Pile some pillows on the floor and get into a comfortable lying position.


What about the patio? You may not have a desk, but do you have patio furniture? Most people don’t think about the patio when they search for a work space.


Studying in a small space is challenging. Still, it’s really important for you to find the tools you need to make your study space as comfortable and productive as possible!



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